Thoroughly investigate the space, decide system security and UX requirements, and design a cryptosystem with the necessary properities. Write the first draft of the whitepaper.

Build a reference implementation of the system in JavaScript. Open source it.

Use modern UI frameworks to create the very first website for interacting with the Gravity social network.

Plaintext, end-to-end encrypted messaging from your browser using the Gravity Protocol. Group chats, nicknames, and more.

image support + profile pictures

Add encrypted images to the Gravity Protocol. Enable profile pictures and sending images.

mobile app

Create the first Gravity-compatible mobile app for iOS and Android.

powerful threading

Comment on and reply to posts, comments, and messages. Respects the natural branching flow of a conversation, and prevents important messages from getting buried.

richer group functionality

Enable hidden groups, to send posts to large groups of friends without revealing the recipients (like bcc).

combined feed of all posts

Like the News Feed, see all your friends' posts in one place, sorted by how many people it was sent to (more direct means more important).

custom reacts

Need we say more? 😎

much, much more...