Why Decentralize


Current platforms have a monopoly over your friend network.

The network effect—value added to a platform by everyone else being on it—is giving platforms like Facebook monopolistic powers to abuse their users and charge a high price in privacy while maintaining billions of active users. It’s not that they’re necessarily evil; any rational actor with a monopoly would do the same. Unfortunately, that means any other centralized platform is doomed to the same fate as soon as you and your friends switch, and the network effect takes off.

competition is key

The only way to avoid a monopolist’s price is to introduce competition. Email clients are a good example of this: if one app started selling or leaking your data all the time, you would just switch to a new one, no problem. Apply that idea to every aspect of a modern social network, and you’ll have a platform where you’re free to switch between companies without losing your friends or data. This competition means we have to optimize for you if we want to stay in business.

When you decouple the data itself from the service you use to view and host it, then there’s suddenly a market with near perfect competition.