you are not a product.

Your data is yours. We can’t see it. We can’t sell it. So we don’t.

what is gravity?

Today’s social networks trap their users and steal our data. Gravity is an open standard for powerful, modern social networks and a social media platform that you can trust.

We couldn’t charge a high price even if we wanted to, because we’d be replaced by design.

gravity is different.

The first truly decentralized, private, full-featured social network.


Anyone can interact with this network, from anywhere, with the app of their choosing. You don’t need us, and that’s great!


No one can see what you’re doing or saying except the friends you choose. Not even us.

Not Trapped

You are in control. If we start doing a bad job, you can leave us without losing any of your friends or messages.

Full Featured

Secure messaging is great, but with Gravity your friend requests, news feed, and even custom reacts are encrypted.

Open Source

Check our security or build your own app. Anyone can participate, without our permission.


We can’t read your messages, sell your data, or leak your personal info. Even if advertisers would pay us a lot of money to.